Fine Art Wedding Photographer


Speaker at 2016 Zacatecas International Photography Convention

Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Personal Assistant of CM Leung @ International Photography Convention SMFP, Guanajuato 2013.

"An artist that will move your feelings"

One on one orientation with Jerry Ghionis, one of the top wedding photographers in the world, Los Angeles, CA, 2013.

Intensive workshop with australian Destination Wedding Photographer Ryan Schembri in Los Angeles, CA, 2013.

Director/producer of Edwin Rivera's music video "live it up" in Tokyo, Japan, 2012.

9-time winner @ FVPBC Professional Photography Competitions in weddings, ilustration, portrait, commercial and 1 time best picture of the competition. (2013-2015)


Behind the lens


Rodrigo has grown with the art of photography since he was born, both of his parents are photographers. At the age of 16 he shot his first wedding, currently he is 29 years old, motivated by crafting his art, he approached his mentors like Jerry Ghionis, Ryan Schembri, CM Leung and many more, all of them top wedding photographers in the world.